The Restored Burlington Northern Depot
            & World War II Memorial Museum


Go For Broke!  442nd Infantry Regiment, landed at

Anzio, Italy, 1943, attached to the 34th Infantry Division.

Note the Red Bull Insignia on the shoulder patches.

Movie - 1:30 hours, starring Van Johnson.


WWII photos of the 442nd Infantry Regiment.


While the Third Reich, the Kingdom of Italy, and the

Empire of Japan were the principal belligerents in
World War II which signed the Tripartite Pact of 1940,
there were additional Axis accomplice states, including
Burgaria, Hungary, and Romania.  Also, puppet states and
co-belligerents such as Croatia, Slovak Republic, Norway,
Vichy France, Serbia, Iraq, Albania, Burma, Laos, Thailand.


A commonality among the above militarist nations were
in varying degrees, a disdain for liberal democracy and
the parliamentary system, national socialism, eugenics,
authoritarian ultranationalism, anti-communism,
scientific racism, totalitarianism, and antisemitism.
CLICK HERE for details on the Axis.


Gertrud Kolmar, of German Jewish heritage, was
murdered in Auschwitz, a victim of the Nazi Final Solution.


           Murder by Gertrud Kolmar

The murderers are loose!  They search the world
All through the night, oh, God, all through the night!
To find the fire kindled in me now,
This child so like a light, so still and mild.

They want to put it out.  Like pouring ink
Their shadows seep from angled walls;
Like scrawny cats they scuttle
Timidly across the footworn steps.

And I am shackled to my bed
With grating chains all gnawed with rust
That weigh upon me, pitiless and strong,
And bite raw wounds into my helpless arms.

The murderer has come!  He wears a hat,
A broad-brimmed hat with towering pointed peak;
Upon his chin sprout tiny golden flames
That dance across my body; it is good . . .

His huge nose sniffs about and stretches out

Into a tentacle that wriggles like a rope.
Out of his fingernails crawl yellow maggots,
Saffron seeds that sprinkle down on me

Into my hair and eyes.  The tentacle
Gropes for my breasts, at rose-brown nipples,
And I see its white flesh twist into the blackness;
Something sinks upon me, sighs and presses---

I can’t go on . . . I can’t . . . Oh let the blade strike down
Like a monstrous tooth that flashes from the sky!
Oh crush me!  There, where blood-drops fly,
Can you hear it cry, can you hear it?

“Mother!”  Oh the stillness . . . In my womb: the axe.
From either side of it break forks of flame,
They meet and fold together now:
My child.  Of dark green bronze, so stern and grave.



More poetry by Gertrud Kolmar (1894 – 1943)