Lineage and Honors

  JUN 1861, Company F of Villisca, Iowa, organized.

  24 JUN 1861, Governor of Iowa, Samuel J. Kirkwood, issued a
general order to the officers and companies of the Iowa Volunteer
Militia, in the counties of Montgomery, Page, Adams, and Taylor,
to meet in Clarinda, on 03 July.   The purpose was to form a regiment ,
and to bring their arms and equipment, whether furnished by the
state, or their own rifles. 

Reporting for duty were ten companies of infantry, numbering 490
men, and five companies of mounted riflemen, numbering 244 men.

Among those were the Montgomery County Tigers - Company H,
numbering 45 men.   Also, Montgomery County Rangers (mounted),
also numbering 45 men. 

  05-06 JUL 1861, 250 men from the regiment marched the 33 miles
to Maryville, MO, and along with the 2nd Iowa Infantry, took charge
of the town and the rebel prisoners, who had been captured. 

Additional operations on 10 JUL, 28 AUG, & 03 SEP, were under authority
of the State of Iowa, preventing its own territory from rebel invasion.

Had it not been for the prompt and resolute marching of the
state militia, at the call of the union men in the border counties
of Missouri, that the Missouri rebels would have over-powered
unionists and made some destructive raids into Iowa.


  08-31 AUG 1861, 4th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, mustered into

Federal service by independent companies, in Council Bluffs, from troops in

the southwestern area of Iowa (including Council Bluffs Guards, organized

1855-1856, under the leadership of Colonel Grenville Mellen Dodge).

168th Regiment began its lineage as the 4th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry.


The year 2020 is the 160th year in the lineage of the 168th Infantry Regiment.

   Citizen-soldiers from Red Oak, Montgomery County, and Southwest Iowa.



  01 JAN 1864, 4th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, reorganized as

the 4th Iowa Veteran Infantry Regiment.


American Civil War (Confederate States of America secession from the U.S.)

Southwest Iowa volunteers engaged Confederate soldiers, ranging from

skirmishes in Liberty, Chillicothe, Kirksville, and Springfield, MO;

thru battles such as Pea Ridge and Ft Hindman, AR, Shiloh,
Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge, TN, Jackson, Corinth,
and Vicksburg, MS, Jonesboro, GA, Bentonville, NC;

Mississippi Central Expedition;

Siege of Jackson, MS, Siege of Atlanta, GA, Siege of Savannah, GA;

Sherman's March to the Sea;

subsequently honored in the The Grand Review of the Armies
in Washington, DC.


Campaign Streamers:

Arkansas, 1862

Vicksburg, NOV 1862 - JUL 1863

Chattanooga, 21 SEP - 25 NOV 1863

Alabama, 1863

Atlanta, 04 MAY - 02 SEP 1864

North Carolina, 1865

South Carolina, 1865


  24 JUL 1865, 4th Iowa Veteran Infantry Regiment mustered out.


  1868 through 1875, 4th Iowa Veteran Infantry Regiment reorganized

as independent companies of Iowa volunteer militia. 


  Independent Iowa volunteer militia companies consolidated,
             forming the 3rd Infantry Regiment on 18 FEB 1876,
                  and the 5th Infantry Regiment on 15 JAN 1877.


  03 APR 1878, Iowa State Militia redesignated as the Iowa National Guard.


  MAY 1879, Company K organized, an element of the 5th Infantry Regiment,
Iowa National Guard.


  30 APR 1892, 3rd and 5th Infantry Regiments consolidated and
redesignated as the 3rd Infantry Regiment, Iowa National Guard.  
Company K became part of the 3rd Infantry Regiment. 


  During late 1892, Company K redesignated as Company M of
the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the Iowa National Guard.


  30 MAY 1898, 3rd Infantry Regiment mustered into
Federal service as the 51st Infantry Regiment, Iowa Volunteers.


Philippine Insurrection

The 51st Infantry Regiment transferred to the 2nd Brigade, Second Division,

Eighth Army Corps, commanded by Brigadier General Arthur MacArthur, Jr.,

father of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.  The 51st engaged in

Philippine Insurrection actions such as:


Quingua River, 23 - 24 APR 1899

Pulilan, 24 APR 1899

Calumpit, 25 APR 1899

Santo Tomas, 04 MAY 1899

San Fernando, 05 MAY 1899


Campaign Streamers:

Manila, 04 FEB - 17 MAR 1899

Malolos, 24 MAR - 16 AUG 1899


  02 NOV 1899, 51st Infantry Regiment, Iowa Volunteers, mustered out.


  26 MAR 1900, 51st Infantry Regiment, Iowa Volunteers,

reorganized as the 51st Infantry Regiment.


26 NOV 1902, 51st Infantry Regiment redesignated as 55th Infantry Regiment.


  04 JUL 1915, 55th Infantry Regiment redesignated as the 3rd Infantry Regiment.


  26 JUN 1916, mustered into Federal service for the Mexican Border Campaign.



Mexican Border Campaign

The 3rd Infantry Regiment, an element of the Iowa Brigade, was stationed

near Brownsville, TX.   Deployment purposes:  1) provide reserve forces to

the US Army in their Punitive Expedition against the Mexican Revolutionary

Leader Pancho Villa;  2) prepare for possible military action subject to an

alliance between Mexico and Germany, if the US were to enter WWI.


  20 FEB 1917, 3rd Infantry Regiment mustered out.


  05 AUG 1917, 3rd Infantry Regiment called into Federal service.


  16 AUG 1917, 3rd Infantry Regiment redesignated 168th Infantry Regiment. 

The 168th was an element of the 84th Infantry Brigade, commanded by

Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur.   The 84th Infantry Brigade was

an element of the 42nd Rainbow Division.



                Coat of Arms of the 168th Infantry Regiment



                  A bend argent in the colors of the rainbow.

The rainbow (blue for valor, gold for love, red for sacrifice) represents service

     of the 168th during World War I in the 42nd Rainbow Infantry Division -

comprised of units from across the US.   As General Douglas MacArthur stated,

the 42nd organization would "stretch over the whole country like a rainbow".


    A prickly pear cactus, representing the Mexican Border Campaign.


      A palm tree representing the Philippine Insurrection Campaign.



                                        On Guard.


World War I

  During JUN and JUL 1917, the 34th Infantry Division was formed
from National Guard units of ND, SD, NE, MN, IA (including the
168th Infantry Regiment); training begins in Camp Cody, NM.


   The moniker of the 34th, Sandstorm Division, from WWI, was renamed

                   Red Bull Division during the WWII Italian Campaign.


  JUN 1918, the 34th Infantry Division loses nearly all trained personnel
in order to meet requirements of the AEF (American Expeditionary Forces)
replacement system.
   The 168th Infantry Regiment is assigned to the
42nd Rainbow Infantry Division.


  17 OCT 1918, the 34th Infantry Division is skeletonized.


  In 1918, the Iowa National Guard consisted of one brigade of infantry,
comprised of the First, Second, and Third Infantry Regiments. 
The Third Infantry Regiment, designated the 168th while in Federal service,
comprised of fifteen companies, one of which was Company M,
of Red Oak and Montgomery County, Iowa.


The First and Second regiments fought as part of the 168th Infantry Regiment,

an element of the 42nd Rainbow Division, in the major battles of Sedan,

Lorraine, Champagne, Château Thierry, Saint Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne.


  The 42nd Rainbow Infantry Division, of which the 168th Infantry Regiment

was an element, saw more days of combat than any American Division during

the Great War; suffering 2,058 killed in action plus another 12,625 casualties.



Campaign Streamers:

Lunéville Sector (Lorraine), 11 FEB - 23 MAR 1918

2nd battle of the Champagne-Marne, 15 JUL - 16 SEP 1918

Saint Mihiel, 12 - 16 SEP 1918

Meuse-Argonne, 26 SEP - 11 NOV 1918


  17 MAY 1919, 168th demobilized; 42nd Division demobilized 09 MAY 1919.


  1920-1921, 168th reorganized and Federally recognized as the

168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division.

                             168th Infantry Regimental Colors


  10 FEB 1941, National Guard units from ND, SD, MN, and IA,
including the 168th Infantry Regiment inducted into Federal service,
as elements in the 34th Infantry Division.


World War II

  The 34th Infantry Division's three infantry regiments were the
133rd, the 135th, and the 168th.  The latter comprised of the 1st,
2nd, and 3rd Battalions.
  Company F was assigned to the
2nd Battalion; Company M to the 3rd Battalion.


  The 168th Infantry Regiment fought in six major engagements
throughout North Africa and Italy, from Operation Torch and Tunisia,
thru Salerno and Anzio, to Bologna and the Po Valley. 


  Interestingly, on 29 APR 1945, the Wehrmacht 34th Infantry
Division (1936-1945), veterans of the French, Eastern, and Italian
fronts, surrendered to the US Army 34th Infantry Division.  
Source: The 34th Infantry Division During World War II by
Lt Colonel Homer R. Ankrum in The Iowa Militiaman, Spring 1991.



Presidential Unit Citations:

Mount Pantano, Italy, Streamer Embroidered

Cervaro, Italy, Streamer Embroidered


French Croix de Guerre with Palm:

Belvedere, France, Streamer Embroidered


French Croix de Guerre with Silver Star:

Embroidered FRANCE


Campaign Streamers:

Algeria-French Morocco, with Arrowhead, 08 - 11 NOV 1942

Tunisia, 17 NOV 1942 - 13 MAY 1943

Naples-Foggia, 09 SEP 1943 - 21 JAN 1944

Anzio, 22 JAN - 24 MAY 1944

Rome-Arno, 22 JAN - 09 SEP 1944

North Apennines, 10 SEP 1944 - 04 APR 1945

Po Valley, 05 APR - 08 MAY 1945


  The maxim of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division is

                           ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK

adopted by the Division in 1943 and characterized by the nature of

the Division’s combat operations for the remainder of World War II.


           U.S. Army 34th Infantry Division Unit Insignia


                                    Blue reflects the Infantry.

   The black olla (a Mexican water flask), suggestive
         of training in New Mexico during World War I.

The stylized red bovine skull is symbolic of vitality,
                     courage and strength.|

The two fasces (crossed diagonally and superimposed

by a black olla bearing a gold fleur-de-lis debruised by

a red bovine skull) imply authority and commemorate

the unit’s campaign service in Italy during World War II.


The gold fleur-de-lis alludes to excellence and the Division’s

      French Croix de Guerre for service in World War II.


  03 NOV 1945, 168th Infantry Regiment mustered out.


  23 JAN 1947, 168th Infantry Regiment reorganized and

Federally recognized with Headquarters at Council Bluffs.


  01 MAY 1959, 168th Infantry Regiment reorganized as a parent
regiment under Combat Arms Regimental System to consist of the
1st Battle Group, an element of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division.


  01 MAR 1963, 168th Infantry Regiment relieved from
assignment to the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division.


  01 MAR 1964, 168th Infantry Regiment reorganized into
1st and 2nd Battalions.


  01 JAN 1968, 168th Infantry Regiment organized to consist
of the 1st Battalion, an element of the 47th Infantry Division.


  01 MAY 1989, 168th Infantry Regiment withdrawn from the
Combat Arms Regimental System and reorganized under the
U.S. Army Regimental System.


  10 FEB 1991, 168th Infantry Regiment reorganized as the
1st Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division.



  2000-2001, troops from the 168th Infantry Regiment comprised

Task Force Charlie, providing security for US Armed Forces in Kuwait.


   2004, 168th Infantry Regiment, inducted into Federal service, deployed

to Afghanistan, providing provincial reconstruction team security forces.


  2010, The 168th Infantry Regiment, inducted into Federal Service,

deployed to Afghanistan as Task Force 1-168th, in support of Operation

Enduring Freedom with Afghan Security Forces in Province of Paktya.


  2010, Iowa National Guard 1168th Transportation Company,

Red Oak and Perry, was replaced by Company F, 334th Brigade

Combat Team, 34th Red Bull Infantry Command.


  03 SEP 2011, 168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division,

reverted to Iowa National Guard control as the 1st Battalion,

168th Infantry Regiment, Headquarters at Council Bluffs.  


The 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiment is an element of the
2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Iowa National Guard, with
oversight by the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division, Minnesota
National Guard, Headquarters at Rosemount, MN.


The 168th Infantry Regiment and 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team
is capable of supporting the regular US Army with a trained and
combat-ready force.


                    Army Meritorious Unit Commendation

       Iraq, AUG 2007 - APR 2008, Streamer Embroidered

        Afghanistan, 2010 - 2011, Streamer Embroidered



              Crest (hawk's head) for the various
     Iowa National Guard regiments and battalions.


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