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Military related issues, on the War and Home Fronts – 1861 to 1880

The year 2020 marks the 160th year in the lineage of the 168th Infantry Regiment;

         Citizen-soldiers from Red Oak, Montgomery County, and Southwest Iowa.

                       Read about their service to the country,

                    from the American Civil War to the present.


            “…personal sacrifice for the good of mankind, the
                   triumph of right and the integrity of the Nation.”

        Read more from History of Montgomery County, Iowa, 1881
(1 p)

          Military Enlistments during the American War Between the States,

                            from Montgomery County, Iowa.

              During the American War between the States, Iowa furnished forty-eight
                 infantry regiments, nine cavalry regiments, and four artillery batteries.
         Iowa soldiers fought at Wilson’s Creek,  Monroe, and Dug Springs, Springfield, &
     Blue Mills, all in MO, Pea Ridge, Little Rock, & Helena, all in AR, Fort Henry,
        Fort Donelson, & Shiloh, all in TN, Vicksburg, Port Gibson, Cornith, & Boonville,
         all in MS, Cedar Creek and the Shenandoah Valley campaign in VA, to list some. 

    "This regiment won immortal honors" - read about soldiers from southwest Iowa,
                   serving in the Fourth Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry,
                           during the Battle of Pea Ridge
  (1 page, .pdf) 
                  Of the 76,534 Iowans who served in the War between the States,
                                 13,169 did not live to return to their families.  
              Source:  Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department of Iowa

                 Veterans from the American War between the States,
                                buried in Montgomery County, Iowa

a poem written by an American War between the States Veteran


Old Soldiers Monument, Red Oak, Iowa, USA                       
                A Dirge for McPherson         
              Killed in front of Atlanta
        By Herman Melville, July 1864

       Arms reversed and banners craped--

          Muffled drums;

      Snowy horses sable-draped--

          McPherson comes.

               But, tell us, shall we know him more,

               Lost-Mountain and lone Kenesaw?

      Brave the sword upon the pall--

          A gleam in gloom;

      So a bright name lighteth all

          McPherson's doom.

      Bear him through the chapel-door--

          Let priest in stole

      Pace before the warrior

          Who led.  Bell--toll!

      Lay him down within the nave,

          The Lesson read--

      Man is noble, man is brave,

          But man's--a weed.

      Take him up again and wend

          Graveward, nor weep:

      There's a trumpet that shall rend

          This Soldier's sleep.

      Pass the ropes the coffin round,

          And let descend;

      Prayer and volley--let it sound

         McPherson's end.

              True fame is his, for life is o'er--

              Sarpedon of the mighty war.

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