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   The 34th Red Bull Infantry Division


 The  Red Bull”  continues to carry-on a proud legacy of

commitment, sacrifice, and the warrior spirit. 


Click on the following selections to read about present-day personnel,

families, deployments, and activities, plus histories of the

34th  Red Bull”  Infantry Division, including the 168th Infantry Regiment.


News about present-day “Red Bull” soldiers and their deployments, including photos and videos:     ( Red Bull Rising )    ( 34th Red Bull Infantry Division )   ( 2nd Brigade, 34th Infantry Division )     ( 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division )  ( 34th Infantry Division ) 

                                                                  ( 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiment )


34th Infantry Division Association


The Iowa National Guard Armory in Red Oak Iowa contains an exhibit room with

168th Infantry Regiment ( Third Iowa ) mementos.  For an appointment to visit the exhibit,

email The Restored Burlington Northern & WWII Memorial Museum:  



“Again, Red Oak says goodbye to soldiers”  ( Company F, 334th Brigade Support Battalion,

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th  Red Bull”  Infantry Division, dispatched to Afghanistan, 2010 ):



“A land of isolation, frustration”    the Iowa National Guard in Afghanistan. 

“You have to win over the Afghan people village by village…that could take years.”


The Afghanistan deployment marks the first time in more than 60 years that Iowa National Guard units,

including the 168th, have led U.S. operations in large, unstable territories:

Mission in Afghanistan – Iowa Guard 1-168th Battalion’s role is ‘pretty historic’


The 34th  Red Bull”  Infantry Division Association:

Units, History, Documents, Newsletters, Chapter contacts


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Uniforms, artwork & graphics, books & documents, patches


How the 34th  Red Bull”  Infantry Division assists in addressing global security challenges:



Click on these additional Military Resources:

The True Glory, Academy award-winning video from WWII, on the Allies

winning the European Western Front Theatre of War (1:20 hours).


Ten Allied leaders and six Axis leaders during WWII, and their significance.


Extensive resources on WWII Allied and Axis aircraft, tanks and land vehicles, artillery.

Plus propaganda & censorship, critical battles, military equipment production, The Holocaust.


Excerpts and notes (19 pp .pdf) from James Bacque’s Other Losses, wherein he

writes about deaths which Axis soldiers incurred in Allied prison camps during the

Third Reich (JAN 1933 – MAY 1945) final weeks, and afterward.


Veterans History Projectbiographies, videos, audios, and transcribed manuscripts,

by and about veterans of wars.  Sponsored by the Library of Congress.


The Military Order of the Purple Heart (Chapter 0260-NE-2 encompasses Southwest Iowa

and Eastern Nebraska):    Mission includes providing service to

all veterans and their families.


Pacific Junction Historical Society (Pacific Junction & Plattville Township in Mills County, Iowa).

Honor Roll of WWII veterans:

To visit the Museum, call 402.203.1232 or 712.527.9519 or 712.622.8196 or 712.323.5937


Extensive military artifacts and documents in Shenandoah Iowa at the

Shenandoah Historical Society Museum and Veterans Memorial Museum:


“From Iowa To The Philippines, A History of Company M, Fifty-First Iowa Infantry Volunteers”

by Joseph I. Markey, published by the Thomas D. Murphy Company, Red Oak Iowa, 1900.

An account (320 pages) of the experiences of soldiers in Company M (Red Oak Iowa),

and Company B (Villisca Iowa and other communities), during the Spanish-American War.

Click on the following link to access the Table of Contents, then read the entire book online:


Great Plains Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, located at the Council Bluffs IA airport.

Visit the Museum and Hanger containing 1,200 Allied and Axis artifacts from WWII,



Montgomery County Iowa military research website:



Montgomery County Iowa Veterans Memorial Court of Honor

“Support our Troops, Remember our Veterans”






The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum at Camp Dodge Iowa, honors, preserves, and relates

the military experience of Iowa citizens in all wars thru exhibits and documents.


The National Military Heritage Museum, in St Joseph Missouri, honors, preserves, and depicts the

history of all military service branches, abroad and at home, both during war and between wars.


The Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri is a national tribute to the

brave men and women who defended our liberties during the 20th Century.


Museum of World War II, Boston MA, contains 7,000 original

war artifacts on display, plus extensive research library


National Infantry Museum, Columbus GA (adjacent to Fort Benning).

Galleries, Exhibits, Theater, Archives


Stories and interviews by WWII veterans are at tankbooks,

including oral history audiobooks, and books for sale:


Overview of World War II Vehicles


Extensive database of WWII people, places, events, equipment,

photos, and recently updated articles


Read about a reunion of soldiers in Company M, 168th Infantry Regiment,

and their World War II experiences in North Africa and Italy


Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive ! – preserving the legacy of

America’s “Greatest Generation”


                    SS RED OAK VICTORY ---

restored and OPEN to the PUBLIC in Richmond California


History of Memorial Day


History of Veterans Day


Registries (these are work in progress) of U.S. Service Veterans:

www.WWIIMEMORIAL.COM    (National WWII Memorial)


www AAD.ARCHIVES.GOV      (National Archives)


www.LCWEB2.LOC.GOV    (Library of Congress)


www.GRAVELOCATOR.CEM.VA.GOV    (Veterans Administration)



Military personnel files:

DD FORM 214 (Discharge from active military service Duty)


Obtaining military personnel files from the National Archives


Military personnel files can be recorded in county

Recorder Offices, free of charge, to facilitate retrieval:

State of Iowa Recorder Offices duties regarding military personnel records



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