The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum


             HONOR & DISSEMINATE the knowledge of the sacrifices of

                    Montgomery County Iowa service people during the

                       Second World War, and all citizens engaged in

                                    and affected by the conflict.


      COLLECT, PRESERVE, & DISPLAY materials & artifacts pertaining to WWII.


     PROMOTE & ENCOURAGE the study and research of the Second World War.

             Especially how the perseverance of Montgomery County soldiers,

                 sailors, airmen, marines and merchant marines, and those

                     serving on the home front, resulted in ultimate victory.


               The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum

                  305 SOUTH SECOND STREET, RED OAK, IOWA  51566  USA


     The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & World War II Memorial Museum
                                            is staffed entirely by volunteers
                     Donations and volunteers are welcomed and encouraged
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               Contributions are tax-deductible under Public Charity federal tax code 501(c)(3).

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         " Celebrating Railroad Heritage & Honoring World War II Veterans "