The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum

                      Located in the Depot Hill Historic Preservation District

                “ Honoring Veterans & Celebrating Railroad Heritage ! “

            305 SOUTH 2ND STREET, RED OAK IOWA  51566  (photo credit Drew Powers)

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                                              Thank you, visitors from around the region,
                      for visiting the Depot & Museum, during

                                                                      Red Oak Junction Days,
                  sesquicentennial + 1, in 2020 !

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           The community is always welcome to view
           the beauty of the restoration of the Depot,
         built in the early 1900’s, restored and placed
     on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1999.


A portion of Fountain Square Memorial Park, Red Oak, Iowa  USA

                   Flights of Honor
was exhibited in Red Oak during the week of
                  11 NOV 2020.  Hundreds of photos provided opportunities for
                   veterans to re-live their experiences, and for family members,
                    volunteers and patriots of all ages to reminisce and educate
             others about the importance of thanking and honoring our veterans.   
                      Thanks to veterans, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees.



                     Century-old lessons from the 1918 pandemic
                             during World War I

    "Both [influenza and coronavirus] can be tackled with
    social distancing.   Physically separating people who are
is a technique that's been around for centuries, long
    before people understood the germ theory of disease.

                Nonpharmaceutical Interventions Implemented
              During the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic 

  What the 1918 Flu Pandemic Teaches us about
                       the Coronavirus Pandemic 
(.mp3  /  50 minutes)

     "More [AEF] soldiers died fighting a virus than from
      German shells, gas, or bullets during World War I."
              Gold Star Gazette, 4th Quarter 2020,
                    Iowa Gold Star Museum

      "1918 would go down as unforgettable year
         of suffering and death and yet of peace" 

                   Flu Epidemic of 1918 video presentation
                    by Dr Amahia Mallea, Drake University  (
0.5 hour)

From the 1918 Pandemic to a Flu Vaccine

           Some highlights of the Depot

       #  Displays of World War II memorabilia 

   highlighting the story of the greatest sacrifice

   made by the residents of Montgomery County;

       #  Kitchen with displays of the Depot through the years;

       #  Research Library Room containing magazines and

  diaries from WWII and railroad books.  Includes a
  lending library for additional research on WWII, the
  Murphy Calendar Company, and the Depot restoration.


                                 The Depot is available for
                         for docent-led and self-guided
            utilization of the Research Library, and for meetings,

                        receptions, and gatherings of all kinds. 


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         Honoring Citizen-Soldiers on the War Fronts, Home Fronts,
              & Keeping the Peace, from 1861 to the present day
                                   and thru the 21st Century.


                 Celebrating Railroads in Montgomery County,
                                          Iowa, and the region


           Visit and Live in Red Oak and Montgomery County, Iowa

             The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum

                                       is staffed entirely by volunteers.


                             Donations and volunteers are welcomed and encouraged

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The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum