The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum

                      Located in the Depot Hill Historic Preservation District

                “ Honoring Veterans & Celebrating Railroad Heritage ! “

                The Restored Burlington Northern
                Depot & WWII Memorial Museum
                     305 SOUTH 2ND STREET, RED OAK IOWA  51566  

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         Red Oak Junction Days at the Depot !


             Friday, 28 June 2019, noon to 6 pm, &

              Sunday, 30 June 2019, noon to 4 pm

                (doors open 11:30 am both days)


           Year 2019 – Sesquicentennial of the east-west railroad

                   in Southwest Iowa, and the communities of

            Creston, Red Oak, Hastings, Emerson, and Malvern.

       The Burlington & Missouri River Railroad [B&MRR] laid

            track west from near Creston, and east from the

        Missouri River, converging at Hastings, 18 NOV 1869.


        From Burlington Bulletin, #11 (1st quarter 1984), p 5:

   “Actually, the line [B&MRR] was completed with a last spike

     driven at Hastings, 14 miles west of Red Oak, since track

          crews had begun pushing the rails eastward from

East Plattsmouth earlier that fall to speed the line’s completion.”


         Also in 1869, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads

           converged their tracks In Utah, completing the first U.S.

    “transcontinental” railroad line (a continuous coast to coast track

  was competed in 1870, with the construction of a bridge in Colorado).  

   The UPRR bridge between Omaha and Council Bluffs was completed

             in 1873.  The CB&Q Plattsmouth bridge spanning the

                       Missouri River was completed in 1880.



  Sesquicentennial event schedules for Creston, Malvern, Hastings.


     Red Oak events: Thursday thru Sunday, 27 - 30 June, 2019.


                 Special Railroad Sesquicentennial Event on

     Saturday, 06 July 2019 in Uptown Creston, 10 am to 3 pm !

    BNSF Locomotive & two Business Cars OPEN TO THE PUBLIC


              Struggle, a poem written by a U.S. Civil War Veteran

                   “World War One – The War That Will End War”  (4pp, .pdf)

          and enduring consequences since the end of WWI in 1918   



                “Did the end of the Great War come too soon?”  (8pp, .pdf)



          Gene Hoskinson’s momentos from across Europe during

                                  World War II, as a combat soldier  (1 p, .pdf)



                   WWII (war & home front), “Red Bull”, railroads, Red Oak Iowa ) 



                                                   World War II in photos  (facebook)



                                                               World War II in COLORIZED photos  (facebook)



                               WWII TODAY – follow the war as it happened,

                              01 SEP 1939 thru 02 SEP 1945, updated DAILY (website)


                            Living History, interviews with WWII Veterans     



                   blog archives of the late Steve Buttry,  author of An American Story


             The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum

                                       is staffed entirely by volunteers.


                             Donations and volunteers are welcomed and encouraged

                                           THANKS to these Contributors, Sponsors, and Volunteer 




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